Monday, December 05, 2005

Monday the get it done day!

Okay, so I had a lot that I wanted to get done today.
Well, didn't really even make a dent in my list, but the tree did get lights on so the kids could decorate it tonight and I picked up the stuff to make an album for my parents Christmas gift. Got the album covered and the front decorated, used one of those cool "naked" ones in a two ring 7 X 8.5 size. Also cut the pages that I will make the pre-fab layouts on, so all they have to do is stick pictures in! I am using the Basic Grey Black Tie collection and will use red as an accent. Seems like Basic Grey has gotten enough of my sweat, but oooohhh noooo, gotta go there again! That is because they are so freaking cool!
Anyway I also made a card out of a Wild Asparagus Monogram frame, I am so slooooow with cards! I love how they turn out, it just seems like they shouldn't take that long! Maybe I will get better at them someday and then they will just fly out my @$$!

Oh, I am a little punchy, it has been a long day!

I made this card last Thursday (yes, it also took me forever!), it is for a thank you for someone who took some time to help me, I hope she likes it because she is SCARY talented!

Anyway, I am pooped.
Have another long day ahead of me tomorrow!
Hope everyone had a very productive and happy day!


SageHen said...

Don't worry, you will become really good at making the cards by the time you finish the last one. It happened to me.

Corinnexxx said...

I realy love your card, get some goodnight sleep!


alecia*grimm said...

Beautiful card!