Friday, December 09, 2005

*I* am* Snow* Happy**

Avalanche this is your big day!

Anything missing?
*Big hairy dog who waits all year in the heat for four glorious months of the year.
*The opportunity to go outside unleashed in an unfenced yard, completely unwatched (except for the camera watching)
*The intense desire to run pell mell through the drifts in the yard
*Nope nothing missing! Don't need that fourth leg to appreciate the wonderful joys that life brings!

Kind of hard to tell from this white dog on the even whiter snow.
We still love to see you play in the snow! We know it isn't easy, and that you know something is not quite right, but it makes us feel like we made the best choice; to give us some more time with you!
You are the best boy (except for your little bad doggy habits, and you know what those are mister!) and we love you so much that it hurts to think about the next bend in the road for us.
So for today, we are going to enjoy every little second of snuggles, and snow play and big white doggy hair dust bunnies everywhere!

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HauteRox said...

Thats a great Photo of the boy! Hope you start feeling better, I love ya!

Rox -