Thursday, November 24, 2005

Giving Thanks

So much to be grateful for today!
*Wonderful children (love you so much Tyler, Laurel, Chloe and Carter!)
*Supportive Husband (I appreciate all you do Dave!)
*Incredible Sister! (Rox you know you are FAB don't you?)
*The kindest and most patient Parents (Richard and Ruth I hope Cleveland UT, was good to you!)
*Terrific Friends that we didn't get to celebrate the holiday with but love very much!( Karla, Craig, Rawley and Kricket we missed you!)
*Tender Mercies from Heavenly Father and a Faith in Christ as my Saviour and a wonderful gospel to help us grow in our beliefs and strengthen our convictions
*Talents to develop and adventures to enjoy!

We had a wonderful day with our family and Roxanne bringing her family over as well!

The turkey was wonderful, the gravy was perfect, my pies were spectacular (if I do so say so myself!), the yams were incredible, and the mashed potatoes creamy. A day of thanks that I won't soon forget! (I'll be in the gym trying to remove it!)
Sometimes it is so hard for me to stay focused on what it is that I really need to be prioritizing. I love this holiday for this very reason! I don't need to have a lot of worldly things to be happy, and this day reminds me why!
Thanks to everyone for all they are to me and all they do for me!

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