Monday, October 03, 2005

I LOVE to play Tennis!

Tennis Junkie!
I love to tennis. There is no other way to say it. It is a rocky relationship, with many ups and downs. But in short, I just can't exist without it in my life. I play at least 5 times a week at least an hour and a half each time. Today was 1.5 this morning and 2.5 this evening. I think I might have a problem!
The great thing about tennis is that it touches so many of my needs with one activity! It is a very social thing to do, four people playing doubles, you can visit and giggle and be silly. It is great exercise when you are playing singles, and I really need exercise, (probably more than just tennis--but that is another topic!) You get to hit something hard that comes back for more! It is a very cathartic experience to just crack the ball as hard as you absolutely can! I am usually much nicer to be around after playing because I have left most of my aggression out on the court!
I have gotten to travel for tournaments to fun towns and meet new and interesting people that I otherwise would never have crossed paths with!
I am constantly trying to improve my game, and it makes me crazy, I am a "closet perfectionist" and not being perfect at this is a trial for me! It teaches me patience, and perseverence. Qualities that I definitely need to improve, but then who doesn't!
Anyway, if I am not scrapbooking, on the computer or with my kids, I am likely playing tennis!
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