Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Self declared Paper Snob, are you?

Yes, I am a paper snob. What does that mean in the real world? That you are insane, that you spend unreasonable amounts of time wandering through craft, stationary and scrapbooking stores looking for the latest and greatest designs by the most fabulous of manufacturers. When thus finding those elusive pieces of paper, you then spend way too much for them, $ .50, $.80, ... up to $1.00 for a sheet of paper. CRAZY!
It may seem that way, but to me, I look at them, fondle, admire and stare at their beauty! I try to match them to the "perfect" picture. A way to tell the story of my family and their adventures that lets me create a piece of art that I am hoping will be treasured by others in the years and generations to come. Elaborate, extravagant and time consuming, but something that I love to do so much. It takes the perfect piece of paper for me to trust it with my family's important memories. Paper snob, maybe, but challenged artist and satisfied historian for sure. Posted by Picasa

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